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The Motor Trend and Hot Rod series were sold in the late 90s and were available in single and three packs. I have heard rumors that they were available in larger packs as well, but I have yet to see any myself.

Identifying Marks
  Racing Champions made some of the finest true-to-scale micros. All cars are said to be 1:144 scale. These are about the same length as Micro Machines, but noticeably smaller in width. The glass is clear so you can even see the interior! The bases clearly read (even in the small print) Racing Champions, with a copyright date and 'China'.
'50 Chevy 3-Window Pickup
'57 Chevy
'58 Chevy Impala
'63 'Split-Window' Corvette Sting Ray
'68 Camaro
Dodge Ram
'49 Ford
'64½ Ford Mustang
'32 Ford
'69 Pontiac GTO
Please Note: All car names and descriptions are based on 
educated guesses and may be wrong. To my knowledge the maker
never identified the car makes and models on any of their packaging.. 
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