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These were sold as a pack of two cars with the Gas Station stapled together. These are very plentiful and even now, over 10 years later, you can find these for under $10 as a set.

Identifying Marks
The only other micro size versions of these I have seen was made by Funrise. These are wider than the Funrise ones and about the same size as a Micro Machines car. The bases are only marked 'Made in China', but the back of the blistercard states that it was made by Racing Champions and that it is a 'Promotional Concept by: Action Products, Inc', and copywrited 1989 UCS & Amblin. I believe these may have been sold through Texaco Gasoline Stations. Funrise also made a taxi as well as the cop car and time machine.
Futuristic Patrol Car
the Time Machine (DMC DeLorean)
Please Note: All car names and descriptions are based on 
educated guesses and may be wrong. To my knowledge the maker
never identified the car makes and models on any of their packaging.. 
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