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In the mid 90s Racing Champions issued numerous very detailed 1:144 scale series. These were sold on single blistercards. There is a collector's number on the bases.

Identifying Marks
These were micro scale semi trucks. These are larger in size than the Galoob semis, but better scaled as well. The Semi cabs were unmarked, but the underside of the trailer says Racing Champions, c.1997, made in China. The trailer also has the Issue Number written in white. These are similar to the NASCAR transporters also put out by Racing Champions, but the trailers have the axles close together.
#1 - Ford F-150
#2 - Valvoline
#3 - Mopar "Get Real. Get Mopar."
#4 - McDonald's "Very Big Mac"
#5 - Plymouth Prowler
#6 - Penzoil "Stop. Go. Penzoil."
#7 - Ford Mustang
#8 - Mopar "The Power To Win"
#9 - McDonald's "Eggspress Lane"
#10 - Southwestern Motor Transport
#11 - United States Postal Service
#12 - Bubbliscious Bubble Gum
#13 - McDonald's "Biscuit to Go"
#14 - Chiclets "Tiny Size"
#15 - Mopar
#16 - Ford Windstar
#17 - Bekins "Excellence in Moving"
#18 - Sealmaster
#19 - Amoco Products
#20 - Bubblicious Strawberry Splash
#21 - Ford Escort
#22 - DART
#23 - Unocal 76
Please Note: The descriptions are based on the trailers Advertisement. 
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