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racing Champions
Nascar Craftsman Truck

In the mid 90s Racing Champions issued numerous very detailed 1:144 scale series. This series were sold in single packs with a display stand and collector's card and featured the trucks from the Craftsman Supertruck series.

Identifying Marks
Racing Champions made some of the finest true-to-scale micros. These were marked as 1:144 scale. These are about the same length as Micro Machines, but noticeably smaller in width. The glass is clear so you can even see the interior! The bases clearly read (even in the small print) Racing Champions, with a copyright date and 'China'.
Chevy S-10 Supertruck

#24 Quaker State Oil
Jack Sprague
Ford F-150 Supertruck

#2 ASE
Mike Bliss
Please Note: All Drivers Names are based on  educated guesses
and may be wrong. I will update drivers names as I determine them.. 
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