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Monster Crushers

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Speedeez came up with the N'Sane series in 2005.
One of the new subseries was the 'Monster Crushers' line.
So far I have only noticed one set in this series.
The pull back mechanisms work really well in these trucks.
It is too bad that all of the trucks were fantasy vehicles.
Inside the pack there was also a stunt ramp playset.

Identifying Marks
These monster trucks have very unique 6 spoke wheels. The bases are held on with a single triangle head screw and is marked "Playmates". If you pull back and release these trucks they will zoom away.
Monster Crushers

Monster Hearse

Monster Semi Truck

Monster Tow Truck

Demolition Car
'67 Ford Mustang

Demolition Car
'68 Chevy Camaro

Monster Pickup Truck
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