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phat boyz - Chevy

Phat Boyz cars are usually sold in packs of 2. These are 
getting harder to find in the stores, but are still sold 
at Wal*Mart stores. It appears that Europe had a series
with different colors than what appeared in the states.

Identifying Marks
These are very easy to spot. They are about the same size as Micro Machines in length, but not as tall, and they are about as wide as they are long! The bases should be marked 'PB' and 'China'. TRU did sell some cheap knockoffs but the quality of those was very poor.
1957 Chevy Bel Air
1969 Chevy Camaro SS
1961 (Chevy) Corvette
1963 (Chevy) Corvette
1966 (Chevy) Corvette Stingray
1980 (Chevy) Corvette T-top
2002 (Chevy) Corvette Z06
Orange more visible in side design
Dead Head (Customized Chevelle?)
Please Note: The car names have been taken off of one of the blistercard
whenever possible. The maker may have erred in the naming of a car.. 
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