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Phat Boyz first released two packs. These 5-packs first 
started showing up in retail stores around New Year's
2004. Some cars may have slightly different shading
than similar cars sold in the two packs.

5-Pack #1

1957 T-Bird

1964 Ford Galaxy 500

1998 Mustang

1966 Mustang

1956 Ford Pick-up
5-Pack #2

1990 Mustang

1949 Mercury

1962 Thunderbird Coupe

2003 Ford Mondeo

2003 Ford Focus
5-Pack #3

1957 Chevy Bel Aire

1968 Pontiac GTO

1963 Corvette
Orange more visible in side design
2002 Corvette C06

1969 Chevy Camaro SS
5-Pack #4
Medium Orange
2003 Dodge Viper

2003 Dodge RAM Truck

1971 Dodge Charger

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

2002 Cadillac Escalade
5-Pack (not listed)

Phat Coupe



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Dead Head
Please Note: The car names have been taken off of the blisterpack.
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